Kt Boyce Laguna Artist
A visual artist/teacher

Kt Boyce’s Paper Treasure

As Kt goes through her children’s report cards, divorce papers and bills that are crumbled, there are many emotions.  In the future we are weightless as we rely on being paperless and texture-less.  Is paper now a treasure? This body of work is a shrine to paper and more importantly the tactile, provoking world once removed.

About the Artist

Kt is continually reinventing as she thrives to tame her curious mind daily and for decades creating. Starting off at Art Center College of Design, to UCLA for her B.A. and her M.F.A. at California Institute of the Arts. Then she rushed off with a backpack to travel the world alone to gain more sensory knowledge and education with a first hand view.kt-web

Dyslexia is the reason her style thrives through life artistically rather than through a written format. In her travels she would photograph, draw, smell, and learn about people in their communities through a three dimensional world.  One of many experiences in her travels that happened to Kt is of irony and not from planning. Kt remembers traveling to India to take photographs however she was rushed by locals, who were more interested in photographing a blonde woman traveling alone.

Kt experiences extensive diversity in the communities she teaches.  Her dream is to have her students find their inner voice and transform their art into beautiful pieces.  Now the world comes to Kt: international people, those of diverse ages, backgrounds, and physical conditions.  Kt’s art is from her experiences and understandings and they are interpreted in her new work.  The source of this is from internal imagery.  We are constantly being bombarded by images of distractions.  Conversely, her images are internal, that are from trusting her power and vision of interprations of her diverse experiences.
Kt sees the wrinkled paper unfolding into sculptural forms similar to her mid aged soul and her children bridging adulthood. A clean slate is our paperless digital world one, that cannot be torn or creased. As we sort through files on the computer they lack the accidental coffee stain, fallen tear drop, or someone’s handwriting. Images are like our individual day or pieces of tossed paper, we  are affected by how we reflect or not on history, in that there are so many possibilities.

Contact Kt Boyce

(818) 823-6007